About Us

We are sisters-in-law born and raised on the Mississippi Coast. The Paper Moon was born out of small talk at a holiday party in 2007 where we realized that each of us had been thinking separately of opening a retail shop, one that would offer something special and unique in the region. The timing, after Hurricane Katrina, seemed right. The challenge: neither of us had ever sold anything more than chocolates or wrapping paper for school fund raisers! So we began planing for our big adventure.

Within five months, we were in business. We thought we would open shop in a low-key way and take some time to get our feet wet. Well, that didn”t turn out as planned! Within five minutes of opening, our first bride walked through the door, and business has not slowed since. Our success has been more than we could have imagined. We may not have the retail savvy that other shops have, but we have two commitments that have served us well. First, treat clients the way that you would want to be treated, as a family member or a friend. Second, put your heart and pride into service that is truly personalized.

The Paper Moon has over 200 vendors for paper, invitations, stationery and gifts. We are proud of the products we offer and have carefully chosen only unique, original, high-quality items that are affordable and that we would give as gifts ourselves. From the most formal wedding invitations by Crane and William Arthur to the fun and funky party invitations by Bella Ink, we offer it all!

Please call us if you have any questions or comments. We would love to visit with you. As the Paper Moon song goes, “only love can transform a paper moon into something real, something special.” Our goal is to turn your event and gift giving into something special!

Lynn & Susan